4 Benefits of a Custom Domain Name

Increasing exposure plus the following are benefits for buyers by using a Custom Domain Name.

  • MEMORABLE - a Custom Domain Name (CDN) makes it easy for you the buyer, to remember the property address, both physically and virtually. If the URL is used everywhere by the seller, then you may see the URL on a signboard, in an email, on social media or maybe from a telephone call.
  • QUICK- by going directly to the webpage of the property, not having to deal with property search engines or agency portals, with hundreds or possibly thousands of choices, you are able to get to the property you are interested in.
  • QR CODES- by using your smart phone, the QR codes make it easy for you to scan and get infomation about the property, and also directions if required, without having to memorise a URL or phone number.
  • UNIQUE OR HIGH END PROPERTY - as a buyer you want to view a property that you believe is a bit special, if it has it's own CDN (web address) it creates that feeling of exclusivity.