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A Real Estate Custom Domain Name creates a memorable and unique URL for an existing webpage, thereby making it shorter and easier to remember.

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Once a webpage has been created for a property whether for sale or lease the next thing to do is create its own Custom Domain Name.
Today if you are selling or leasing a property you need a web presence, however what a lot of sellers and agents are missing is that the property really needs its own URL. This will exponentially increase the click through rate of any one looking at property.
Yes, you can use a free URL shortening service, but will that produce a memorable web address, short answer NO.
Even the Bitly short URL service did its own research on using a custom branded short URL and this had a 34% increase click through rate, however the Bitly URL is not memorable or unique enough.
Using a custom domain name service for memorable URL’s such as can deliver both unique and memorable shortened URL’s that will improve the click through rate of a property, back to the selling agent’s website. This part is IMPORTANT, back to the selling agents website, why? As this then creates a unique and exclusive selling environment for the seller’s property and reinforces the agents’ credentials.
So, before you start with the paid marketing, get the property in the market place with its own unique, memorable web address. Contact me if you wish further information and the statistics that shows it delivers. 

Every business that has a website, should have Google Analytics as default. The information that is available like most things on the internet, is TOO much.

The real art is to extract the information that the business needs. Where geographically did the visits come from, which landing pages did people go to, how do they behave when on your website, and many more.

Why spend money on a website and then not analysis the metrics?

By finding the source of where people came from, will help with your ROI.
The really good part of Google Analytics is that you can cut out the visits by bots, web crawlers and get a more accurate assessment of visitors to your website and how they inter react with your business.

With custom domain name analytics, we use Google analytics to help us better understand and also give better (more accurate) metrics involving a website.

NO, a real estate custom domain name URL can be linked to any website, the RECDN is a stand alone webpage, that is fully optimised to obtain the highest visability and is also designed to weed out any spam or bot traffic so as not to inflate the actual visitors to the webpage.

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