The background to RECDN
(real estate
custom domain name)

This project was commenced by Andrew Cole aka Admanandy, with over 40 years of advertising experience.
Admanandy's mantra is, "do nothing and nothing happens,
do something happens".
Using the experienced gained working with real estate clients since 1988, and the advent and onslaught of the portals that now drive the real estate internet searches.
It was clear that it was difficult for a potential client looking for a property whether it was to buy or to lease to navigate to a particular property.

Since the development of the real estate custom domain name site, Admanandy as with similar media, became immersed in the digital world and with this understanding of how websites react with search engines such as Google, Admanandy has been able to advise clients on the best ways to utilise their websites to best fit the search engines.
Much like any other media, there are specifications to follow to achieve the optimum result.
By making a website 'Google' friendly then you are affording the best opportunity for a website to be 'found' and to be looked upon favourably for ranking purposes.

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How to rank a real estate website

To learn more about the things to look for in ranking a real estate wesite have a look at Admanandy's video here.

Click to play how to improve a real estate website