Seller Benefits of Custom URL in real estate

Please find following some of the benefits for sellers by using a Custom Domain Name. Download seller benefits HERE.

  • UNIQUE - A Custom Domain Name (CDN) makes your property unique and stand out, making sure you give it the best exposure that you can. 
  • DIRECT - The fastest way that a buyer can go directly to your property on the web, no search engines, no portals to navigate through, just directly to your property's webpage.
  • EASY AND SIMPLE - makes it very easy for a buyer to remember the property address in both the physical and virtual world.
  • SECURE AND EXCLUSIVE SELLING ENVIRONMENT -A CDN takes your listing out of the robust world of property search engines. This allows you to showcase the benefits of the property in an exclusive environment, away from competing listings and banner ads that could steal your prospective buyer onto another property on a 3rd party website.
  • INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS - a CDN makes any other marketing that you may be doing (eg., emails, press ads, flyers, brochures, phone calls, social media etc.) work more effectively and efficiently. Even the signboard outside the property will become a better selling tool. 
  • QR CODES -  a large number of buyers have a smart phone and with a reading scanner app., it makes it easy for the buyer to scan and get infomation about the property, and also directions if required, without having to memorise a URL or phone number.
  • SEO - each custom domain name is search engine optimised to allow for the appropriate search engines to find and therefore list the property higher on their ranking.