Real Estate Agent Benefits of Custom Domain Name

Please find following some of the benefits for agents by using a Custom Domain Name. Download agent benefits HERE.

  • COMMITMENT - a Custom Domain Name (CDN) will reinforce to the seller that you are doing everything you can to sell their property.  
  • INCREASE WEB TRAFFIC -  a CDN can help with SEO for the property and can help the Google ranking of YOUR agencies website, as the CDN is considered a referring website, which is one of the methods that Google looks at in calculating the overall website ranking.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA - by including the CDN into your social media, it enables prospective buyers to go directly to the property's webpage, as some people use shortened URL's, however these are not custom and therefore not easily remembered. Placing the CDN in your instagram feeds and videos increases the effectiveness of these platforms.
  • QR CODES - by including these on the other marketing (press, flyers, brochures, etc.) that is being conducted it enables the buyers to get infomation about the property, and also directions if required.
  • UNIQUE OR HIGH END PROPERTY -  If you are listing a unique or high-end property, then some sellers/buyers may even expect the property to have its own domain name. After all being lumped in with every other listing on a property search engine site, may make the listed property seem like it is just being treated as another property, not unique as a seller would like
  • EXCLUSIVE SELLING ENVIRONMENT - a CDN captures buyers onto your agency's website and NOT a property search website, so that once a buyer has seen this property, they are in your eco-system. Plus there are no competitive listings or banner ads to lure the buyer away from your website.
  • BETTER ANALYTICS - all of the clicks on a custom domain name URL is captured by Google analytics, which enables you have better data to interrupt and to report to your clients.